Friday, January 22, 2010

Watch Monique Parent Online Flavor Of Love / Charm School / Monique- Any One Watch It?

Flavor of love / charm school / monique- any one watch it? - watch monique parent online

If I see a few of you have? What did you think? ill deff see you again - Buck n Wild (Becky) lmao still stupid! shes not my fav but it's stupid!


willowta... said...

I thought it was hysterical last night. How can you have on women, and we hope that they change their behavior? In the first 15 minutes they struggled to sleep. Then remove them to a website and tell them to go up one side and work together. hahahaha Hottie lasted 1-log and a bag of sweets and her 2 pieces, because you know how important it is to lure the hair in the desert. :) Buckwild is Cree and cracks me every time he opens his mouth, because it is the white ghetto and ghetto talk more girls darkest.

It will be fun to watch as bright as they interact with each other, because it calls for the price ($ win looking 50,000.00) and to do or say anything to Mo'Nique.

Hope that helps ..........

shorty20... said...

Yes, I did. Hilarious! They are so dense. Apparently he has learned nothing from their experience degrading Flavor of Love. LOL

robee said...

It was while I was on the phone. I have not heard too much. I will try to see her again. I myself missed the NY series of meetings. I think The Thrill Is Gone for me.

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