Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tenting In France I Am Buying A Tent In UK And Getting It Delivered To France --will I Have To Pay Import Tax Or Customs Duty ?

I am buying a tent in UK and getting it delivered to France --will I have to pay import tax or customs duty ? - tenting in france

I'll buy a tent in the UK and deliver to France - I have to pay import taxes or duties?

I did not think about the EU, but I think you have to pay import duties on cars

Can someone help me please?



Lollipop said...

) with cars, cigarettes (and other tobacco products, alcohol, and oil routes, they have to pay taxes in the recipient country, but not with any other commodity. provided that they pay VAT in the country of purchase thats fine.

How could a thumbs down? at least give me an exact answer to the facts, more than others.

willy tell said...

Not if you have paid taxes in the United Kingdom. Cars are in a class by itself.

Andielep said...

I'm not sure I ever worked on all VAT / customs side of things, but the line with the general practice is 0845 010 9000.

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