Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ny Unemployment Weekly Certification Can I Claim NY Unemployment Insurance While Working As A Temp In NJ?

Can I claim NY unemployment insurance while working as a temp in NJ? - ny unemployment weekly certification

I live in New Jersey but worked in New York. I received unemployment insurance from New York Department of Labor files online.
I recently received a "full time" job with a temping agency (New Jersey) for an indefinite period. After the certification of the weekly issues ", I answered yes - I had a full-time job and not - the amount is more than weekly earnings 400.00 per week.

I thought I was a week would receive compensation, minus what was collected. Am I wrong?
Will I be able to the balance of my winnings from NY right when I released from the repurchase or I shall sue in New Jersey?


ibu guru said...

You have a new job full time and not the unemployment Benes is the first day of work.

If you are dismissed, then file a new complaint in New Jersey. NJ will make an intergovernmental claims against the credit can wait in New York. NY & NJ The Work It Out.

Ken said...

No, what you can do is to touch the partial unemployment benefits. The advantage is you can get for a while longerperiod

SJP Looks A Foot said...

No, it is a fraud. The EU is for people who are actually unemployed.

Eat Funyuns.

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