Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best Wood Swing Set Wood Or Metal Better For A Swing Set?

Wood or Metal better for a swing set? - best wood swing set

Looking to buy a swing for our garden. We have a lot of people who play in the baby / child to adult. There are many young people who come on the trampoline game, so I am safe to play a.

What kind of swing would be nice to have? Wood? Metal? I do not spend much money, but I would like for all age groups will play safely.


Tramane said...

Metal, for obvious reasons, make sure that its stainless steel and check the weight limit and to ensure that its enough for what you want.

L F said...

the only thing I is not like a metal blade that is very, very hot sun. I have run through the line, so that children can slide. Plastic seats are good. Wood would probably be good until he begins to divide.

Drew phpD said...

Metal would be sustainable if it is a lot of people, you'll probably find an aluminum frame would be better in wood, metal is probably the best choice, it is modified by changes over time and has a very low maintenance compared to wood. Aluminum is more expensive, but very strong.

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