Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cool Games What Are Some Cool Games To Play With A Hamster?

What are some cool games to play with a hamster? - cool games

Heyya! I have a hamster this weekend and she is a woman with a fancy name, Blondie. She is so cute and funny, but I want to do more things with him! Does anyone know of some cool games to play with them? Please answer! Thnx.


Peyton ;) said...

My sister and I have a hamster and you want to use the toilet paper roll without toilet paper and get it on a lot of them and a connection on the ground and they can happen. We also bought one of those hamster balls and have it there, loved it. You can get your hamster balls PetSmart.

Daft One said...

Get your impeller.

To rid the construction of a labyrinth in the end of the maze.


John K said...

Get a bike

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