Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hang Disco Ball From Ceiling Fan Will Obama Follow The Footsteps Of Bill Clinton And Rent Out The Lincoln Bedroom?

Will Obama follow the footsteps of Bill Clinton and rent out the Lincoln bedroom? - hang disco ball from ceiling fan

Obama has to be space for Ludacris, Pimp Daddy rented or otherwise, will be decorated with wallpaper and leopard purple faux fur cuffs and a mirrored disco ball hanging from the ceiling?


krolloha... said...

Yes, that's pretty sick Slick Willy. Once again, Clinton did all that damage to this nation.

I still can not yet understand why the Democrats revere as a god.

Okay, so let with Hillary as the SOS, the chances of a property which may compromise the Lincoln bedroom in Slick Willy so well advised to hire you and is best treated by the.

Mercer Devil said...

I doubt it. First, Obama would not redecorate the Lincoln Bedroom so vulgar. Your proposal has stated racist beliefs. Second, a room for rent in Lincoln would be too great a risk. Hate Too many people are angry and irrational to allow Obama, the access to the place where he sleeps.

Myles D said...

You need to rent. Rent $ 5.4 million collected. He said he would remove the flat-screen TV. It seems irrelevant to him. Every moment of Lincoln feels someone needs to read the Gettysburg Address or something like that, do not watch ESPN. So when it comes to balls "hard pillows and skins" that you mentioned. I would say they are from.

atlas shrugged and so do i said...

Remember the bed with a hydraulic cooler built for the Crystal.

know that y'all have seen Joy Pimp My Ride, you know, that's what y'all do, and I think it's fly / cool / or whatever they are doing when.

Also, some people like a hair trigger are racist. "
Black Tar
Black Ice
black beans
Black Eye
BlackBerry ... all these words and phrases have BLACK in them. You are racist!

Peace, guys.

Killer Queen said...

When Clinton hosted celebrities behaving jumping on the beds and usually without reference to. I really hope that Obama is not the same. However, to the whole or dung to his question was not appropriate.

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