Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Remove Rust From Boat Trailer How Can I Remove Rust From My Boat Trailer?

How can i remove rust from my boat trailer? - how to remove rust from boat trailer

My boat trailer is galvanized and in good condition. The axle and wheels are sitting outside their rust. How do I remove rust, if it's nice and clean.


Mike Hunt said...

Rust converter and paint on it

squeezie... said...

Every year I and my trailer (s) 20 years or more. No need to get pleasure. Get a wire brush (brass is best) and a can of Rustoleum spray primer and Rustoleum Gray. Brush off loose rust, complete with a smooth surface - not too bright and clear. Spray drying primer to allow for an hour or two, and then 2 layers of gray. They are good for a few years. I found this better than the expensive rust converters "and longer lasting that the cost is high," gavanizing cold water. Be sure to use Rustoleum, and no other brand. He matched the color of galvanized trailer, more or less. If you want to improve cosmetics, you can put a layer of foam in the region.

crabclaw said...

Check carefully the tree. there was mold broke out in the fields of mining and transportation of the boat. the only way to remove the metal explosion of sand. a paint shop do it for a reasonable price. not on images that say they will stop the rust. not.

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