Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Plastic Charger Plates How Does My Plastic Electric Toothbrush Charge On A Plastic Charger?

How does my plastic electric toothbrush charge on a plastic charger? - plastic charger plates

I think it means that there is no direct connection between the electric toothbrush and charger only sit on the other!.
The charger is an induction coil of wire brush will not be the same, everything that happens is an EMF-induced electrical power to the brush, which is fed this induced current batteries in your brush.


old know all said...

It is a coil in the charger and a coil of the toothbrush. If you are close enough together, they share a magnetic field and a transformer. Some things in this way means that the brush will not be completely sealed, so you can dive into the water without exploding.

ELEcTrIc... said...

There are probably some metal exposed here ... and a few pins on the base of the feeder post is .....

Otherwise ... could be a kind of transformation of the thing ... Transmitting coil of a trickle charge and battery.

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