Friday, January 8, 2010

New Balance Toddler Shoes New Balance Or Stride Rite, Need Help?

New Balance or Stride Rite, need help? - new balance toddler shoes

My son has a low arch and need a good pair of shoes, arch supports. I've heard that support New Balance, Stride Rite arc both good for people with flat feet or low arch. But what is better? Immediate need to buy shoes, but just do not know what is best suited to your low arches.


~CriCkeT... said...


They are beautiful, rugged, durable shoes! And this is the shoe that you are with a child! They are also less expensive, if not better than Stride Rite! My daughter has flat feet and balance of the Nova has worked very well for them! I recommend New Balance! It will be very satisfied!

Angel said...

Stride Rite is made for children

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