Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Hair Tattoo Art Just Got A Wrist Tattoo...?

Just got a wrist tattoo...? - simple hair tattoo art

I've just this evening a tattoo on the inside of the wrist and I love it! It is an inch longer and almost two meters wide. Two birds, sketched in black and the other is shown in red. Are also stained in only part of the same color. The artist told me, keep your wrist straight as possible for a few days and wondered how this so important? Every time your hand as if afraid of me lol. And I have my hair and clothes and everything, but even if I have my hair as simple as a ponytail, I need both hands. I wonder where all the other with a tattoo on his wrist. =]


Snuff Film Sweetheart said...

I have the inner side of the wrist ... It is a word full 3 inches in length and wrist while in full ... I got in, placed it so it goes until the end of my forearm ...

Is by moving the wrist or two days after your tattoo that ... aggitated swell, but if you move or not ... Only it would not be stressed more convenient.

The reason I said, hold it up not much ... aggitated not worry about your hair or nothing to ... Will be OK ... I did not panic too much. Move the arm over does nothing bad for them, plus possibly aggitate it.

Although I do not advise you to ... Long sleeveless ... You need to breathe through the healing process. You can take a shower, do not wash, however, until the peeling process is complete and no longer in the soup.

Dana said...

It is normal to continue their normal daily activities, but what the artist wants to say with this is that if you do not need to share something that straight when not in use. For example, we will not head in his hand while he was sitting, waiting, etc., because it requires a bent wrist and affect the healing process.

ezekiel tattooz said...

You are free to move your wrist that you need, but if possible to allow him, as its intangible without stress for some time, the humor, if you intended to move, are tattoos for the last time, and probably an effect on the healing process, if you move? One of my legs and my legs a lot, had no effect on healing.

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