Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beach Volleyball Results Beach Volleyball In Olympics?

Beach volleyball in Olympics? - beach volleyball results

I know the United States in the women's beach volleyball won gold, but when I to the results that look to see win silver and bronze, I 2 sets of teams from China won. I'm really confused, I think every country is represented by a series of 2 players. Again, said China won silver and bronze in the women's beach volleyball. I also realized that the same is true for men, and when Brazil won the silver and bronze too.


Kyle G said...

Every country should have 2 teams (won because both qualified) U.S. Women # 1 project (May-Treanor/Walsh) gold for the Chinese team # 1 in the "Gold Medal" of the party. This enabled the Chinese team # 1 silver. The Chinese team beat the Chinese team # 1 # 2 earlier in the tournament. The Chinese team # 2 then combined to give the bronze medal

kimber30... said...

In many places have two teams. We had two teams of male and female, but both were eliminated before the match for a medal.

We beat the Chinese team, the gold by beating another Chinese team before playing with us.

volleyba... said...

It's weird. I thought the U.S. women's team played Cuba in the championship game?

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