Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slight Metallic Taste In The Morning Am I Preggers Or Is AF Playing Games?

Am I preggers or is AF playing games? - slight metallic taste in the morning

Ok. Recently diagnosed with PCOS and the second month of the BCP.
Week 1 - It took all the pills on time
Week 2 - inadvertently skipped 3, taken with both the day 4
3-2 weeks was arrested, he was on 3 Days taken
Week 4 - Start Today (also known as a period) for several weeks.

3 days ago I was very clear with pink stitching CM when wiping. Today, CM-brown when wiping.

In the direction of the beam across the chest from time to time to a heavy and sore nipples last night was trying to sleep (which lasted one or two seconds). Stitches were / are just a pain in the lower abdomen day. Moreover, heartburn notice a metallic taste in the mouth, usually in the morning and late evening. And the 3 or 4 days were in a bad mood and need a nap ... which is unusual for me ... I'm not tired, except fatigue in the morning.

Am I pregnant? or AF playing tricks on me?

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