Monday, February 8, 2010

New Jersey Title Insurance Exam I Moved From Idaho To New Jersey And Am Using My Dads Car, The Title Is In His Name And So Is The ID Insurance?

I moved from Idaho to New Jersey and am using my dads car, the title is in his name and so is the ID insurance? - new jersey title insurance exam

I moved from Idaho to New Jersey. The car I'm using has Idaho plates, labels and the title is registered in the name of my father in Idaho. He Idaho, I'm sure. Well, what can we do without the transfer of title to (not because they have money) with you, I can assure you drive me to my new car in New Jersey? I have my license key here, however, Idaho is still my one, so I need to change and the car is registered, (How do I do if I am not the title), then you take insurance (As I can not on the titles). Can anyone help? Can I still be covered in NJ, if I can get a license in New Jersey and Idaho Insurance, signs and labels?

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