Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do Wedgies Hurt Balls Girls....have You Ever Received A Wedgie While Wearing A Thong?

Girls....have you ever received a wedgie while wearing a thong? - do wedgies hurt balls

seems that much harm to women if they have a wedgie Thong, but would like / do you react?

I never do this to a woman again .... my mother was when she wore a thong, and she replied with a kick to the eggs. is an appropriate response? because of the kick I felt like my nuts were broken into pieces and pain in the testes of 1 1 / 2 days .... I can not imagine a cause Thong wedgie so much pain in the balls kicked (?)


Claire said...

1. Why do their mothers played Thong?
2. That's pretty intense.

3. wtf

ericni91... said...

play a disturbing thought ur mom's Thong is.

Noah Nudey-Pants said...

How Old RU?

How old is ur mom?

Sarah M said...

Well, it hurt and feel very uncomftertable hat was so frightened that his first reaction was not really believed that one should touch his mother, but Thong S

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