Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rabbit Cages From Germany Where Can I Get Stackable Rabbit Cages That Connect?

Where can I get stackable rabbit cages that connect? - rabbit cages from germany

You have to build than the stairs in a house for him to connect to a home with 2 or 3 floors, because my rabbit lives in an old shoe at this time

Not really, but keep in mind that I am not much money for the cage, but I have yet to sell a cage that was $ 130 ...

Thank you!

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Andre C said...

Search eBay stores or warehouses. Even if you buy the materials separately and have their own cage and cheaper labor. On eBay you can see yourself in a monthly period, a cage suitable cheap thing, you're sure to find something, even if they separate caged space. Since my cage, I get to run the game and extansions. However, have never bought, never, large objects such as crates, straw, waste and other items in supermarkets or hardware stores - Chinese shops, even a pet found. They charge twice as often as three times the price elsewhere.

I hope that helped.

Edit: Cage on eBay, the type of ferret / rabbit, and it is what I have. There are also play and run add in cabins. Everything you need to do is build the ramps to and from sheltersinstead of outward.

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