Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Illegal Cp Sites Iam Reinstalling Windows Vista , Will It Totally Erase The Computer Where Like Its A Brand New Cp?

Iam reinstalling windows vista , will it totally erase the computer where like its a brand new cp? - illegal cp sites

I just bought a used laptop and want to do something about it, when was the last owner of an illegal


mickbick said...

Yes, it will reformat it and put it back on the operating system!

Tec108 said...

try "cmd" into the search bar on the chart. When the little black box opens type "format c:" (no comma) for all orders. completely erase the hard drive. make sure the BIOS is configured from the CD / DVD, then reinstall the operating system. I want to.

boredom4... said...

Yes, as the format for the installtion

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