Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Necon And Night Sweats Mircette/Night Sweats/Side Effects?

Mircette/Night Sweats/Side Effects? - necon and night sweats

My doctor has my Necon birth control Mircette (Generic volume though) in October. At first I had terrible nightmares, chest pains and nausea. I thought I was dying ... These side effects came after a month. However, I had night sweats, very bad condition and not the libido for the whole 5 months. All doctors who said I read, night sweats are a side effect of Mircette. My doctor wants to do the tests because Suda nights are not good for one year in 24 years (although I still sweat at night) I do not do the blood test because I do not insurance 3 months, but I'm worried about night sweats. At first I thought the night sweats are with Tylenol # 3 has been out on a shoulder injury, but I think even after the termination of TyLenol 3rd # To someone else had night sweats Mircette? I fear that some of the problems associated w / night seriously swear ... as Hodgkin's lymphoma .... Ouch!

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