Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Or Less Mucus Before Period Will I Be Able To Have Children?

Will i be able to have children? - more or less mucus before period

So, if you are my history, you will see that during this time in the last month I thought I was pregnant, only 16 days too late ... is good that rallied again and again, I'm too late. going on 4 days now. I refuse to consider, because I have the same wat the last time I felt that I know I am not pregnant. my period has not arrived, my back hurts a dull pain in my chest (which I had) the time. I have feelings of cramping abdominal cramps after I go to the toilet and not mucus when I wipe, there is sometimes a sharp pain that makes me want to sit and breathe, before the last 2 months I was more or less regularly . Before I take the pill, I was between 24-28 cycles. after I was on the pill 28 days after 6 months I was up the whole fear of pregnancy. wellI am married and have no sexually transmitted diseases, none of us is sleeping with my other annual peoplei on Monday like, just be able to ask a few questions to go. Please help, how can that be?

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