Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lots Of Stomach Pictures How Much Weight Does It Look Like I've Lost So Far? [+pictures Of My Stomach!]?

How much weight does it look like i've lost so far? [+pictures of my stomach!]? - lots of stomach pictures

I know that you need more than a photo of my stomach just to say, my weight, but I do not have a picture of my body.
However, in recent months, I have me eat healthier and lose the functioning of the UTO and weight, and I know how I missed, but I wonder how much it seems that I lost.

Here the picture is before: ...
Here in the picture below: ...

* BTW, I know I have to lose much more weight.
My ideal weight is still about 15 pounds now, but tell nothing about the photo and then sorta, because I'm proud of myself for losing a lot with the weight so far.

In addition, measures taken after the photo was made 2 weeks and I lost 3 pounds since then .. :]

ps I'm 5'2''.
And I'm not holding my breath or suck in the stomach or so ..: P

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