Saturday, December 12, 2009

Girls Wearing Color Coded Bracelets What Is The Deal With The Bracelet?

What is the deal with the bracelet? - girls wearing color coded bracelets

What about the sale of color. From what I understand. Women are now in color-coded wristbands, which, as far as they go these dark sex.For BRACELET may mean is it is considered that ..... BJ Is that true? I'm married, but I'm curious because I cousins. I just heard the other day and I think it's terrible.
I wonder what everyone thinks. What do you think your child?


great = misunderstood said...

Are you sure that "women" are. I've heard hisghschoolers stupid, but I do not think doing a mature woman.

Debi said...

Never heard the bracelet thing, but I hope and suspect it's urban legend, like the infamous Rainbow parties that the parents were so angry over the previous year. It turns out that there is no truth to these rumors at all.

Keep your arms crossed on this one, because the idea of girls, with a menu of how far they go on the wrists, is disgusting.

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