Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cat Allergies More Condition_treatment How Can I Cure My Cat Allergies Without Medication?

How can I cure my cat allergies without medication? - cat allergies more condition_treatment

I like cats. I have a cat myself and I use to be allergic to, so you do, but I use it for allergies, after some time. Now I have build 4 kittens that I am allergic. Does anyone know a natural remedy?


Anastasi... said...

I am also allergic to cats, 2 cats and full development. Having said this, I am no expert on the topic. My allergies act from time to time, but I'm just the price they pay for the cats. There really is no cure for it unless you have very mild allergies, in my opinion. I take Zyrtec, if he misbehaves, and that usually helps. But beyond that, only be sure to brush every day, somewhere between a swim once a week to once a month and keep the house (mainly furniture) to empty. You need to be used mainly to be brushed and bathed at the beginning of kittens. We hope that some of this helps!

clock said...

You may not be who are not allergic to one, but there are allergic to others.

There is no cure for allergies. If you avoid cat) dandruff (skin, so that's OK.

There are natural remedies or unnatural.

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