Saturday, December 12, 2009

Art Photos Lolly Bbs Is It True That Most Public Art Shows Ban Nude Photos For Sale?

Is it true that most public art shows ban nude photos for sale? - art photos lolly bbs

I talked to a professional photographer in Europe who told me that I was not a sign of public art in galleries and agree even in the United States to show photos to see taken nude, also known as "art photos". Not that he needs the money. He has had exhibitions of his work at the Smithsonian (but they show no nudity, of course). Looking to find art shows, where I sell the nude pics that I made, but I will not waste my time if the application so. I sent samples to an art dealer in Washington, DC (not the Smithsonian;) and she said she would be willing to show my work - not as urban landscapes - naked but because "family" to attend performances. It's basically the response I get? If so, I will not waste my time. It seems a little ridiculous to me because I post pictures of Mademoiselle and Vogue, which are no less bold than my sight.


gryphon1... said...

I do not know which parts of the United States tried, but here in Ohio (part of the Bible Belt), the art which are displayed photographs of documents, images, and various other art forms representative of the nudity.

In the capital, Columbus topless nudity is not within the meaning of the Act provides that the genitals must be suspended ... Breasts are not genitalia by law.

Each city, county may declare, have their own laws that describe what they consider acceptable, if they define it more difficult, if not you can see and the art of this type.

spartawo... said...

I do not understand the double standards, but is undoubtedly present. What is painted around with all the documents and why not a very good photography. You can explore local places first exhibition of this state of affairs. Perhaps a guild of photography or the group can put on an exhibition of photographs. This was done by the sculptures of acts.
Spartawo ...

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