Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Acne More Condition_symptoms Is It Baby Acne Or Something More?

Is it baby acne or something more? - baby acne more condition_symptoms

I'm trying to determine whether my daughter is 5.5 weeks old, just a severe case of acne newborn or something more. It was all in the face, some in the head, ears and neck and the throat. My other 2 were a lot of acne when they were young - both were fed the formula when they breastfeed. I do not know if there is a difference, or in this case does not matter.

Sometimes the rash or acne, or whatever it will be very, very red, other times not so sensitive. What do you mean? What can I do for you?


MelNoell... said...

Sounds like baby acne to me. My daughter has it too. He was breastfed and had everything on the ears, neck, face, eyelids, head ...... This lasted for 5 weeks - 8 weeks.
if they would explode mourning and red. But after a few weeks.

natasha a said...

I do not know if the same thing, but my baby was rashy and had very dry skin, irregular, when he was a newborn, my DR asked what it would disappear, and suggested that d 'Use a cortisone cream 1% I (Cortaid) ... seriously was the next day or two ... Please contact DR what he thinks, or if the aid could. I was surprised how fast it was, I hope this helps ... or likely to disappear soon! Good luck!

TEM said...

It is only my opinion, but if the baby acne, then disappears by itself, and there is nothing that you do for him. However, if you get upset crying (when it is red when it is no longer scratching, etc.) to help then maybe a doctor your symptoms.

In each case concerns appear, and what you describe, seems more than newborn acne I've ever seen ... Go to the doc anyway and have a calm down! :)

Jayden's Mom said...

My son is 4 weeks and baby acne. I am also breastfeeding. I read that causes baby acne is a hormone that the baby receives the mother's milk. I've also read that you should not put anything on the skin to heal. It heals. If you are really interested in talking to your child's pediatrician.

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